'Can' Print Edition December 03 2020

SHOK-1 is pleased to announce the release of ‘Can’, a limited edition print in two colourways. To celebrate his 35th anniversary of spraypaint, the artist turns his X-ray vision on the anatomy of the can itself. This is an essential acquisition for any collector who appreciates the medium.

Spraypaint first became commercially available in the 50’s at around the same time as acrylic paint, yet remains a comparatively maverick choice for art. Nevertheless, some of the best-loved works of our time are rendered in it.

Learning to work freehand in spray is challenging. First teaching himself with crude paints designed for car exteriors in the 80’s, over the decades SHOK has refined techniques of peerless subtlety. His unique X-ray murals exemplify this and also narrate his passion for science and technology. 

‘Can’ speaks to this with delicate organic smoke-like patterns contained within the hard mechanical geometry. Mysterious like clouds, the imagination can find many images within them. Minimalist and elegant yet packed with detail, it is a perfect example of his aesthetic.

These editions are produced to our usual excellent standards with the highest quality archival pigment inks and paper and include a hand-silkscreened varnish to protect and enhance the image. Each print is individually signed and embossed by SHOK-1 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. We ship worldwide via a premium shipping service with full insurance.

‘Can’ is exclusively available from and will release on Saturday December 5th 7.30pm GMT / 2.30pm EST.

Here is the store link. You can also view extra images on each page :


'Can' print (Noir edition)

Limited edition of 80

50 x 70cm

Signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1

Archival UltraChrome inks + silkscreened varnish on Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308gsm

Includes Certificate of Authenticity


'Can' print (Bone edition)

Limited edition of 80

50 x 70cm

Signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1

Archival UltraChrome inks + silkscreened varnish on Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308gsm

Includes Certificate of Authenticity


SHOK-1 New York Solo Show July 11 2018

'Thorns' Sells Out in 11 mins June 05 2018

The "Thorns' silkscreen prints proved to be the most popular SHOK-1 edition yet, selling out in just 11 minutes and 21 seconds.

Thanks to all buyers for supporting this release, we are working around the clock to get your prints to you as soon as possible. 

'Thorns' print release June 02 2018

Pioneer of aerosol X-ray art SHOK-1 is pleased to announce ‘Thorns’, the latest in his series of best-selling limited edition prints. 

thorns print

This handmade silkscreen print edition depicts an image of a rose X-ray with a stylised barbed wire stem. The artwork holds deep meaning for the artist and is open to a multitude of personal interpretations by the audience.

The print is based on the original freehand spraypaint artwork ‘Thorns’ which was painted by the artist in Berlin in late 2016. This incredibly popular artwork has been viewed and enjoyed by millions and is one of the artist’s most memorable and iconic pieces to date.

Thorns original painting

SHOK-1 commissioned Goldmark Atelier to produce this extremely high quality silkscreen print. Master printmaker Ian Wilkinson has spent 25 years refining advanced techniques allowing highly detailed images with complex, subtle shading without using halftones, the newsprint-like dot patterns you may have seen in simpler printing techniques. The rich, luxurious print quality is presented in a larger size format than previous releases and each is varnished to enhance the image and longevity.

Thorns print work in progress

Thorns print work in progress

We will be randomly hiding a single super rare and valuable gold version in the edition. This ‘golden ticket’ features the Thorns image in monochrome on a metallic gold background. Anyone who orders a print will be eligible for a chance to win this special edition artwork instead. However, if you would prefer to opt out please email us via the contact page with your name and “opt out” in the message.

Thorns gold print

‘Thorns’ is exclusively available from and will release on Tuesday 5th June 7.30pm BST / 2.30pm EDT at this link :

Handmade silkscreen print
Limited edition of 150
9 layers plus a varnish on Somerset Satin 310gsm paper
76 x 76 cm
Signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1
Printed by Goldmark Atelier
Includes Certificate Of Authenticity


SHOK-1 Interview with Playboy January 12 2018

Playboy have published a new interview with SHOK-1. Please click on the image below to view (the site is clean so it's fine if you are at work etc).
SHOK-1 Playboy interview

Full site August 30 2017

Not been updating this blog; I don't like the small image size. Working on full site with high quality images, stay tuned - S

'Elvis' April 26 2017

Pioneer of aerosol X-ray art SHOK-1 has produced a new conceptual painting entitled ‘Elvis’ at the Truman Brewery in London. The piece is rendered entirely in freehand spraypaint and depicts a closeup X-ray of the pelvis of Elvis Presley.

The work examines cultural appropriation; the artist describes it as a kind of imaginary debate between Chuck D, Warhol and himself. Elvis has been accused of appropriating black culture and popularising it for a mainstream audience. In his time, his sexualised dance moves earned him the nickname ‘Elvis the Pelvis’. Although initially considered shocking and disgusting by the establishment, they also greatly helped his rise to fame.
The piece could be seen as an allegory for the relationship between graffiti and street art - the latter could be viewed as a mainstream, acceptable version of the grimier and less palatable former.
The painting is presented in black on a silver background, referring to the palette of the famous Elvis paintings by Warhol. The silver was said to refer to the ‘silver screen’ of Hollywood and related to Warhol’s obsession with fame. Shok uses the colours to make a wry point : ‘Silver and black are also the backbone of orthodox graffiti, often used in pursuit of fame - ironically the Writers’ own silver screen”.

‘The Consumed’ print release December 01 2016

SHOK-1 is pleased to announce the ’Consumed’ print edition, his only release of 2016.

SHOK-1 Consumed print

An X-ray interpretation of the iconic ghost from the classic 80’s videogame Pacman in its edible state, this sequel to the best-selling ‘Consumer’ print is based on the large scale mural painted opposite the Hilton hotel in Dubai earlier this year. 

It is his most detailed print to date, capturing every nuance of the artist’s unique freehand spraypaint technique. It is produced with the finest available archival paper and inks and comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity.

This edition is formatted to work both separately and paired as a matching set with ’The Consumer’ to make a perfect diptych. There are also a few ‘Consumer’ prints available for those who missed out on the previous release and wish to complete the set. Please contact separately to arrange purchase of ‘The Consumer’.

’The Consumed'

Limited edition of 100

21 x 21 in

Signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1

Archival UltraChrome inks on Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308gsm

Includes Certificate of Authenticity


Prints will go on sale at at 3pm GMT / 10am EST on Monday 5th December 2016.


TED Talk : "Reinvigorating Anatomy Through Art" May 22 2016

SHOK-1 is included in this excellent TED talk by Vanessa Ruiz of Street Anatomy at 9:30.

SHOK-1 Radio Interview April 05 2016

SHOK-1 just gave a rare interview to Vantagepoint Radio in Berlin, click this link to listen :

Here is their introduction :

"SHOK-1 holds a mysterious position in the mural world.  Absolutely everyone knows his work and holds him in the highest regard… but nearly nobody actually knows him.  The illusive artists has been painting walls in London since the early 80s and seems to move throughout the city with very few people knowing what he’s up to.  Effortlessly changing from one style to another every few years it’s nearly impossible to pin him down and figure him out.  Known for his technical precision and mastery of the spray can as a tool, SHOK-1 dropped jaws worldwide a few years ago when he debuted his newest X-Ray technique, without a doubt cementing his place in the scene as one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to technical skill, originality, and creativity.

SHOK-1 rarely does interviews if ever, so it was a great honor to sit down with him and dig inside his massively complexed and thoughtful brain.  Strap in and hold on… this one is a wild ride."

New Handpainting Technique March 03 2016

SHOK-1 has developed a new technique for hand painting his prints which allows for much more subtle, powerful and varied colour. New 1/1 works are now available, please contact us via the web form for details.

SHOK-1 in Dubai : 'The Consumed' February 15 2016

SHOK-1 has completed his first major project in Dubai. 'The Consumed' is the sequel to the well-known 'The Consumer' piece and is situated in the Jumeriah Beach area opposite the Hilton Hotel.

The metaphorical piece features a human skull morphed into the shape of the famous ghost icon from Pacman. It was commissioned as part of the Dubai Canvas festival which is sponsored by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

'Dog With Bones' prints December 15 2015

‘Dog With Bones’ is the latest in a series of sold out print editions by British artist SHOK-1. 

'Dog With Bones' print

The original wall piece was painted in London earlier in 2015, at a street location not far from the Tate Modern museum. It features a version of the iconic Keith Haring dog from the 80's rendered in the artist’s signature X-ray style. It was painted entirely in freehand spraypaint using no masking tape or stencils, a unique process pioneered by the artist. It is an evolution of techniques refined over 30 years of working in the medium. 

'Dog With Bones' street piece

Somewhere between pastiche and parody, it is intended as a kind of diagnosis of the original artwork and Haring in general. SHOK-1 elaborates, “I feel that Haring's relevance to his own time period is analogous to the relationship between graffiti and street art in current times." The work also has some humour to it, a playful and unexpected take on an animal X-ray.

‘Dog With Bones’
Archival pigment print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper
17 x 10 inches
Limited edition of 200
Signed and numbered by the artist
Includes Certificate of Authenticity from SHOK-1 and 1xRUN
$ 125

* Artist Proofs available, please send enquiries via the Contact page.


'X-Fly' print release November 04 2015

‘X-Fly’ is the latest release in a series of sold out fine art prints by aerosol X-ray artist SHOK-1. 

The limited edition prints feature a stunning image of a fly in his unique X-ray style. He explains, "Like graffiti, flies are often perceived in a negative way but they can be very beautiful". Flies and other insects have been a recurring symbolic icon in his work since the 1980’s. The original artwork was spraypainted on a wall in London using cutting-edge freehand techniques pioneered by the artist. No stencils or tape were used to achieve the intricate translucent effects.

This very popular picture will be released in three colourways - Fruit, Bluebottle and Fire - limited to just 50 prints worldwide. Each print is produced using top quality archival inks on heavyweight fine art paper to stand the test of time. The artworks are individually signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1 and a Certificate Of Authenticity is included.

The prints are priced at £140 each and can be shipped anywhere worldwide. Further images and information are available on the Prints page.

Prints are available now >>

'Dog with Bones' September 22 2015

'Dog with Bones' is the latest work in British artist SHOK-1’s X-Pop series that takes a look inside popular icons and symbols. 

An examination of one of Keith Haring’s iconic dog paintings, the piece was spray painted in the heart of London in the artist's unique X-ray style using a classic neon 80’s colour scheme. It is an unexpected and witty twist on an animal X-ray.

SHOK-1 on the BBC September 04 2015

The art of SHOK-1 recently appeared on the BBC's Weird Workplaces show. A group of employees at Village Underground in Shoreditch London go to work every day inside his artwork.

Click the image to view the movie :



'X-Funk' August 15 2015

New Unique 1/1's June 26 2015

The Uniques section has just been updated with some new 1/1 hand painted multiples. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to see more images of a work you are interested in.

Reflections June 26 2015

'Back in 2001 I realised that some of the physics of spraypaint could be used to emulate the physics of Xrays, cells, stains and other natural phenomena.

Many scientists and mathematicians find a kind of God in the structure that underlies a seemingly random reality.

These are reflections from a Perspex window in a carpark. It is all around you.'


Translucent X-ray COAs June 26 2015

All limited editions and originals now come with one of these new translucent X-ray Certificates Of Authenticity.

'The Consumer' T-shirt June 22 2015

Following the success of the sold out ‘Consumer’ fine art print, British aerosol X-ray artist SHOK-1 is pleased to announce the first in a new range of wearable art. The 'Consumer' T-shirt has been produced to the highest possible standards, silkscreen printed in London England on premium quality 100% cotton T-shirts ethically manufactured in LA.

The collector’s edition is a numbered first run limited edition of 100 T’s and comes with a signed and numbered Certificate Of Authenticity in a hand-stamped presentation box priced at £50

The T-shirts will be available for shipping worldwide and will release on Thursday 25th June at 3pm BST / 10am EDT at this link >>

 A 30+ year veteran of painting in the streets and a hardcore gamer since the early 80's, SHOK-1 painted the image inspired by the classic videogame character to create a witty metaphor on our modern consumer culture. 

The original artwork was spraypainted on a wall in Germany in his unique X-ray style using cutting-edge freehand techniques pioneered by the artist. No stencils or tape were used to achieve the intricate translucent effects.

On BBC News June 22 2015

Galaxian X-ray June 18 2015

The classic videogame icon made up of X-rays. X-Pop series; the things we love become a part of our anatomy.

Spraypaint on concrete - monochrome shot to show the detail. More images from the 'Galaxy-X' piece to follow.


'God was Nature' May 08 2015

Bushwick NYC 2014