Galaxian X-ray June 18 2015

The classic videogame icon made up of X-rays. X-Pop series; the things we love become a part of our anatomy.

Spraypaint on concrete - monochrome shot to show the detail. More images from the 'Galaxy-X' piece to follow.


'God was Nature' May 08 2015

Bushwick NYC 2014

SHOK-1 on the cover of the first ever 'Graffiti' magazine May 06 2015

SHOK-1 on the cover of the first ever Writing magazine IGT published in NY back in the 80's. The character with the reflective visor is his work, incorporated in a collage by the legendary Phase 2.

'What Your Soul Sounds Like' April 09 2015

Looking out across London from the Jealous Gallery rooftop.

'Self Control' March 24 2015

Live Long and Prosper March 06 2015

'Live Long and Prosper'. Tribute to Leonard Nimoy who passed away recently. The human race could do with more sense and less random emotion. SHOK-1



Jaw X-ray February 23 2015

'Difference' 1/1 Specials February 09 2015

'X-Gun' January 14 2015

Some people have a lust for violence within them.

Je suis Charlie.

Happy New Year! January 02 2015

Thanks to all my friends and supporters for making 2014 such a successful year. Big things afoot this year, watch this space.


Consumer prints SOLD OUT December 14 2014

Thanks to everyone who made the Consumer edition another success. Shipping is underway, you will receive an email confirmation on the day your artwork is sent.

For those that missed out : we have a few Artist Proofs available. Please write to us via the Contact form to check availability.

'The Anatomy of a Hater' December 05 2014

'The Consumer' Print Edition December 03 2014

Following multiple sold out print releases, British aerosol X-ray artist SHOK-1 has announced his latest fine art edition, 'The Consumer'. A 30 year veteran of painting in the streets and a hardcore gamer since the early 80's, SHOK-1 painted the image inspired by the classic videogame character to create a witty metaphor on our modern consumer culture. 

The original artwork was spraypainted on a wall in Germany in his unique X-ray style earlier this year using cutting-edge freehand techniques pioneered by the artist.  No stencils or tape were used to achieve the intricate translucent effects.

'The Consumer' print edition is strictly limited to 160 prints which are signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1 and priced at £125.

Prints will go on sale at at 3pm GMT / 10am EST on Friday December 5th 2014.

'The Anatomy of a Hater' detail December 01 2014

Painted at the Rule of Three show, Colab Gallery, Basel.

Rule of Three show October 12 2014

An X-Rhyme ... September 23 2014

The Roentgen Rays, the Roentgen Rays,
what is this craze?
The town’s ablaze
with the new phase
of X-ray’s ways.

I’m full of daze,
shock and amaze;
for nowadays
I hear they’ll gaze
thro’ cloak and gown – and even stays,
these naughty, naughty Roentgen Rays.

- Wilhelma, Electrical Review, April 17, 1896

New wall piece : 'Handstyle' September 18 2014

'Handstyle' - Written until it becomes a part of you.

A tag made out of hand X-rays.

Welcome to the new SHOK-1 site September 01 2014

Welcome to the new site.This blog will include :

- SHOK-1's latest wall paintings. 
- Announcements of forthcoming print releases and products.
- News on travels, projects and shows.

To be updated please sign up for the newsletter below. 

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