'The Consumer' Print Edition December 03 2014

Following multiple sold out print releases, British aerosol X-ray artist SHOK-1 has announced his latest fine art edition, 'The Consumer'. A 30 year veteran of painting in the streets and a hardcore gamer since the early 80's, SHOK-1 painted the image inspired by the classic videogame character to create a witty metaphor on our modern consumer culture. 

The original artwork was spraypainted on a wall in Germany in his unique X-ray style earlier this year using cutting-edge freehand techniques pioneered by the artist.  No stencils or tape were used to achieve the intricate translucent effects.

'The Consumer' print edition is strictly limited to 160 prints which are signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1 and priced at £125.

Prints will go on sale at www.shok1.com at 3pm GMT / 10am EST on Friday December 5th 2014.