About the Arc print

This is a 1 : 10 scale reproduction of the enormously popular Arc piece in New York. The finest available archival inks and paper have been sourced to produce a print with incredible detail and colour. Velvety blacks and rich luminous tones recreate the artist's truly unique technique and style in every nuance. Each print is individually signed, numbered and embossed by SHOK-1.

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The piece was photographed by SHOK-1 on a high end camera immediately on completion when it was still in perfect condition. A multiple frame technique was used to produce an image with extremely high definition. The artist then commissioned the experts at Jealous Print Studio to produce the edition. They worked closely testing a variety of papers and finishes, proofing and optimising colours to refine the most beautiful version of the picture. The total development time was around two months.

Hahnemühle produce the best quality paper worldwide for this type of print. The selected variety is a thick luxuriant stock favoured by serious artists and photographers. The UltraChrome inks used have superior archival qualities and superb colour intensity. The printers are the latest and highest quality available.

This is the artist's most detailed print to date. The dollar sign is only 3mm high. It is even possible to see individual specks of spraypaint.


The artist's visibility and audience has skyrocketed in the period since the last release. However, availability of this print is limited to a low edition size to ensure the value and desirability of it for collectors around the world.

Online images do these artworks no justice - if you haven't stood in front of this piece, you haven't really seen it. This print is the next best thing to viewing it in person and will make a spectacular acquisition for new and seasoned collectors alike.

It began to rain just as the piece was completed; a perfect symbolism to accompany the rainbow. The first few drops that touched the wall can be seen recorded in the print.

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About the Piece

The original Arc piece in Little Italy Manhattan was incredibly popular. In the first weeks alone it had millions of views between street and various art and fashion networks. New Yorkers travelled from all around the city to see it.

It was the finale of the artist's return to paint in New York after over 20 years and his first time collaborating with LISA Project.

The painting no longer exists but as with SHOK-1's previous best-selling editions, this lost piece is now immortalised in the form of a print which will fund the production of new artwork.

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