I love the artwork. It is gorgeous!
I can't wait to have it hanging in a place of honor in my home!
Warm regards,
(Minneapolis USA)

The print is beautiful and the packing was fantastic. Just want to say that your customer interactions are the best that I've ever experienced (in addition to the quality of a fantastic piece). Thanks again and hope all is well!
(Texas USA)

Previously, only had a quick "sneak peak" at Thorns (yeah, it wasn't gold). But I've just had another look and (#stillnotgold) it looks great! My GF knows a thing or two about screen printing and this has blown her away. Overall: Fkin lovin' it again! Thanks for your efforts and thanks for Shok's effort!
(Nottingham UK)

Thank you! It arrived the other day in good order, I love it!
The varnish is a very nice touch, it makes the image pop, while adding a very contemporary feel. The size is going to look incredible once it's properly framed. This is going to be a real showpiece! 
Thank you again!
(Massachusetts USA)

I did receive the print it’s amazing!
I’m looking for a frame that would suit this amazing artwork. Any ideas?
(Paris France)

The print arrived quickly and looks great. Do you have any information on the inspiration/thoughts that sparked its creation?
Thanks again, 
(Ohio USA)

It's fantastic.
As you say, the pictures really didn't do it justice; it's a beautiful image that's accentuated further by the quality of the print itself, which is outstanding.  It's the first piece of art that I've ever brought and I'm really thrilled with it - so-much-so it's already down at my local frame shop!
Everything went smoothly and the picture arrived unscathed  which I am sure is due, in no small part, to your excellent packing.  Short of the golden ticket, I really couldn't have asked for any more!
Thanks to everyone involved.
Kind regards,
(Cheltenham UK)

I received Torns print a few days ago now and it's is now proudly hanging on the wall in my living room.
This work is breathtaking - Beautiful work as always !!
Best regard.
(Goegnies-Chaussee, Belgium)

I did receive Thorns and just took it to be framed this weekend. Please tell Mr. Shok-1 that this work holds deep meaning for me as well, it is absolutely stunning, and I love it!
Do you mind sending over a summary of original work that you currently have for sale as well? Thanks again and hope you had a great weekend.
(Chicago USA)

love it! looking forward to getting it back from the framers and on the wall. will probably be the centerpiece of my collection for awhile.
(Washington DC USA)

Print received in perfect condition thank-you.  I love it, it's my first SHOK-1 print, but I have a huge collection of street art prints, dating back 20 years. I am actually going to get this one framed and send it (on loan) to my sister in the UK (I live in Amsterdam), she knows nothing about street art but was just totally blown away by the beauty of this art piece.  I'll obviously hang it here for a couple of weeks, at least, just to show it off, before I get it shipped 😊
Thanks for your email and kindest regards,
(Amsterdam Netherlands)

Thanks for checking in! Print arrived in good shape. Great piece of work, looks awesome!  Still trying to figure out the best way to frame it. 
All the best,
(Den Haag Netherlands)

SHOK-1/no. 98 received in perfect condition, thank you. I bought the print on a bit of a whim, to be honest - we went to London last year and saw a couple of SHOK-1 pieces and immediately fell in love with the imagery and technique. Signed on to your newsletter and voila, ended up with a cool print. The whole family witnessed the historic opening ceremony! I like the simplicity of the image and the detailing. Looking for a suitable framing expert to protect it!
My only comment, would be to having the image on a couple of striking coloured backgrounds.
I will send some pics when it's hung.
Very best wishes to you all.
Richard, Jules & Jake.x 
(St Remy de Provence France)

Thanks for checking, much appreciated. All received safely and I absolutely love it, it’s going straight to the framer! I’ve owned some especially nice screenprints in the past and the quality on this one is right up there. No idea how Shok or a Goldmark managed to pull this off but credit to both!
Kind regards,
(Bristol UK)

Received and amazing!! Thank you!!!
(Petaluma United States)

I seem to have received the wrong one,the gold one hasn't arrived yet.
Joking apart it arrived safely and we absolutely love it 
Thanks for all your help 
(Warrington UK)

It's stunning. Thank you. Do you have any recommendations as to how to frame it?
(London UK)

I received it earlier in the week and I love it 😊 
I appreciate the thick tube which will make sure it doesn't need to be flattened for weeks before framing. 
With kind regards, 
(Oslo Norway)

All received and incredibly quick delivery! Piece is magnificent, really really beautiful, as is the quality of the paper and print itself.
Kindest regards,
(Sunbury UK)

it has arrived in great shape and we absolutely LOVE it. It’ll be off Monday to the framers and once it comes back I will send pics of THORNS next to my Banksy!!!
(Atlanta USA)

I got the print and I really really love it  and the quality of the print it’s impressive 
Amazing job 
Thank you 
(New York USA)

Yes, I have received the print. It absolutely wonderful and very well packaged. It’s going to the framers very soon, I have a bunch of Shok’s stuff up. I wish he was a tad more prolific  but the pieces are always worth the wait.
Thanks for a great piece art
(Encinitas USA)

Yes the print find her new home. I’m so happy to have mine, the quality and details are so amazing. 
Thank you sooooooooooo much for all of your amazing team work. 
Take care 
(Bois-Guillaume France)

Hi.  Got it.  Love it!  It gorgeous and already at the framers...
(Green Bay USA)

It arrive safe & sound. Looked awesome! I’ve already dropped it off at my framer!
(Vancouver Canada)

I had it, I had it, it was in my basket... but by the time I created a Paypal account it was all gone! I am so sad as this piece has a very personal meaning for me. 
I saw on instagram that there might be some pieces left after double purchase check. 
Please please please let me know if there is any way to place an order. 
Best regards
(Paris France)